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Lindsey Stirling – Lost Girls

#BraveEnough on iTunes now featuring „Lost Girls“! Album out worldwide! http://found.ee/BEiTunes2
Lindsey’s documentary Brave Enough comes out on YouTube Red on 5/17!

Also available for purchase here:
Target: http://found.ee/BETarget
AMAZON CD: http://www.found.ee/BEAmazonCD
B&N: http://found.ee/BEBarnesLP
AMAZON VINYL: http://www.found.ee/BEAmazonLP

Head here for tour dates, tickets, and VIP upgrades: http://www.lindseystirling.com/

Sheet Music Here: https://lindseystirlingsheetmusic.com

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Dutzende Todesopfer:
  • Omer Barlev / 18. Juni 2017

    like iif anybody thinks she should do intro's and such for tommorowland (for those of you who know what this is)?

  • Ух Ты / 18. Juni 2017

    романтика + фэнтези = успех

  • Gracebloom 12 / 18. Juni 2017

    it looked like zoella in the​ thumbnail

  • Belnick6666 / 18. Juni 2017

    any chance she been with a voice/vocal trainer since she started to haul in money ?
    he music + dancing + singing would be even cooler 😛

  • Strawberry milk / 18. Juni 2017

    Still one of my fave pieces!💖

  • Sheril Shahul / 18. Juni 2017

    You know I just figured this out, like 2 months ago. But anyway if you find only one like on a comment it's probably the like from the person who wrote the comment. 😂 😂 😂. Sorry not sorry if that was offensive.

  • Sheril Shahul / 18. Juni 2017

    This is my favourite piece of music from her… LOVE U LINDSEY

  • 지 능. / 18. Juni 2017

    love music

  • Ayanna Jones / 18. Juni 2017

    I watched her vlog of when she was making this music video. This is supposed to be the continuation of "Shatter Me." Now it makes a lot more sense. Also is the witch the one who put her in the globe in "Shatter Me" in the first place at 3:13

  • Sarah Pollard / 18. Juni 2017

    how did you get lost and got icky and more ickier

  • Platypus Fedora / 18. Juni 2017

    Does the brunet nymph have different colored eyes? Tell me I'm not the only one who noticed.

  • KJ Gulyban / 18. Juni 2017

    Everything she makes is just so amazing nothing she makes can be wrong

  • Honza Krakonoš / 18. Juni 2017

    Moc hezké, Lindsey is amazing ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Manuaka Jumper / 18. Juni 2017

    I Love Your Musik 🙂

  • Muharem Kolić / 18. Juni 2017

    I'm Groot 😎😙

  • Kevin Mark Barnes / 18. Juni 2017

    very nice work, setting like a dream of hope or wonderfull illusion, from which way to watch, anyways I like this dream and for me on the same level as pink-familyportrait, maxim-meine soldaten xaviernaidoo-wenn du schläfst or ed sheeran-a-team.. the message is important!
    the timid one ♥️
    OneLove ♥️

  • Platypus Fedora / 18. Juni 2017

    when she rn through the webs, i was freaking out I was not ok

  • Kate Klyuchko / 18. Juni 2017

    She is a true genius

  • Addison Clark / 18. Juni 2017

    I love this I it's just so beautiful Lindsey is so pretty she is the best person in the world

  • Agus Magic World / 18. Juni 2017

    la iré a ver al concierto

  • Agus Magic World / 18. Juni 2017

    y me encanta su música

  • Agus Magic World / 18. Juni 2017

    yo toco violin