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Lecrae – I’ll Find You (Lyric Video) ft. Tori Kelly

„Life is a precious gift. A gift we often take for granted until it is threatened. Pain can be a haunting reminder to appreciate every waking moment. So we wrote a song to share our hope in the midst of that pain. At the time of this song’s composition, some of our loved ones were battling cancer. We wanted to encourage them to hold on and tell them we are here waiting, hoping, praying, and fighting with them. Some have been released from their pain forever, others are still fighting. Hold on…“

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  • Allen Velazquez / 20. Juni 2017

    But that second verse though, damn.

  • Cristian Ramirez Rodriguez / 20. Juni 2017

    This song deserves to be #1

  • Renata January / 20. Juni 2017

    This song is how I'm feeling right now. 😟

  • Renata January / 20. Juni 2017


  • bernad vitus / 20. Juni 2017

    What a song.. lecrae yuh the talented christian guy , we r all lucky to know yuh

  • Queening Brooks / 20. Juni 2017

    lovvveee this song & Tori Kelly 😍

  • Brianna Lambert / 20. Juni 2017

    this song is very soothing and touching

  • Apala Shar / 20. Juni 2017

    when music has the ability to cure you !

  • David Glushchak / 20. Juni 2017

    wowwwww that is really really dope. fell in love with this song. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Bubba 4 / 20. Juni 2017

    at 1:52 the guy looks like Iman Shumpert!! lol

  • Bubba 4 / 20. Juni 2017

    God is who we need to run to to get some help! HE will find us!

  • Leah Tieu / 20. Juni 2017

    I didn't know this was a christian artist and really like this song cause it can relate to anyone ❤️

  • Reinhard Kadmaer / 20. Juni 2017

    amazing song. greets from Malaysia!

  • Ariana Cupcake / 20. Juni 2017


  • Christian Henson / 20. Juni 2017

    I love this so much…I want to be this for others..We have to love one another.

  • MF / 20. Juni 2017

    The accuracy of this song… hanging on by a thread is how I feel right now. Struggling through one of the hard nights, a few doors down my Mum is sleeping peacefully, thinking of the heartbreak she'd go through finding me in the morning; that is what keeps me going every night… thankful I came across this.

  • Robbie Purdie / 20. Juni 2017

    First song up on my recommended list. I needed this today more than you can know. Thank you, brother. Bless.

  • Khue Vang / 20. Juni 2017

    Amazingly well done. On blast and repeat

  • Cool Girl / 20. Juni 2017

    @deep music I do

  • Simply a YouTuber / 20. Juni 2017

    One of the most beautiful songs which gives me hope and strength to live my life against all the problems.Thank You so much for making and sharing this song!

  • Puemie Puems / 20. Juni 2017

    What a song ! Motivating, this can only come from God. Thumbs up to lecrae and Tori. Amazing

  • Asquazz 20 / 20. Juni 2017

    Jesus loves you Acts 16:31 Believe in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved, both you and your household.

  • Brison Spencer / 20. Juni 2017

    Please Search Twins Positive Energy❗😇😤 More music soon🙏😩

  • Brittany Hayes / 20. Juni 2017

    It's soooo refreshing to listen to a rap song with NOOOOOO cursing whatsoever. And for it to minister to you as well. Such a breath of fresh air!!!!!!!

  • Chris Pruitt / 20. Juni 2017

    love thos song. Julie i'll find you.

  • Soozoan Crestha / 20. Juni 2017

    this song literally touched my soul…

  • Asoh Zeedel / 20. Juni 2017

    you look good

  • Nathan Vaireka-Pasene / 20. Juni 2017

    I've been jamming this over and over this whole week! I can't get enough of this beat let alone the chemistry between the two in this song. The Collab is so tight and also has a smooth strong message.

  • Charity Mphepo / 20. Juni 2017

    your songs are so soul touching lecrae .

  • Arijela Zunđa / 20. Juni 2017

    I wаaatсhed I, Daniel Blаkе full mоoviе heeеere https://twitter.com/dbda66efd17db8380/status/872997039512014850

  • Julia Puspa / 20. Juni 2017

    my click button broke.

  • An-gelo Edquila / 20. Juni 2017

    came here because of Tori <3

  • Tina Akwai / 20. Juni 2017

    Best..love it..Tori Kelly collab with Lacrae is just Perfect <3

  • Maiger Yang / 20. Juni 2017

    This made me cry… it's really inspirational and I just love the beat it goes well with Tori's singing and I love the rap

  • Toraays Kelly / 20. Juni 2017

    this is everything after a while tori .. finally .. finally

  • Coolest Ling / 20. Juni 2017

    good music there 🙂

  • Landon / 20. Juni 2017

    I wanna see a collab with NF

  • iChristianGurl / 20. Juni 2017

    BEAUTIFUL SONG.Lord I love Lecrae please redeem him, bring your Holy Spirit 🔥 into his heart, you have done it for me, please do it for him too. In Jesus Christ name Beshem Yeshua Amen. Save Him Lord

  • Raul Ureña / 20. Juni 2017

    gracias lecrae por llevar el mensaje de Jesus

  • Jaz Simone / 20. Juni 2017

    Meh. Not a fan. Huge huge love for Tori though in general.

  • francimar lazala / 20. Juni 2017

    One of my favorite singers with My favorite raper awesome!

  • PO KU / 20. Juni 2017

    good combination

  • XxEliTe _YT / 20. Juni 2017


  • Tyr3ll93 / 20. Juni 2017

    I literally cried as soon as this came on the first time I heard this… Perfect song for a very rough time I was having.

  • Rain drop / 20. Juni 2017

    I'm like wow 💗

  • starfire767 / 20. Juni 2017

    I wasn't ready to break down in Tears… i'm holding on everyday fighting for those better days